Wigitel W3 watch phone tells time, makes phone calls, obliterates self-esteem

July 15, 2009

I would have bought this for sure. The post on Engadget Mobile. (Edit: the post is now long gone, of course.)


Is it a piece of jewellery, a watch phone, or a resurrected and re-imagined Nokia 3650? The Wigitel W3 wants you to believe it’s all of the above, and contrary to popular belief, it’s available to own now. 4,799 Czech Koruna, or $260 in real cash money, buys you a ticket to the hottest show in somebody’s town: a 128 x 128 pixel internal screen, infinitesimally small external OLED display, Bluetooth, microSD expandability and a wildly unintuitive keyboard. It might not necessarily make supermodels swoon, but there’s a fair chance the wearer of this gem will draw much envy at his next MMORPG convention appearance. And seriously, who can’t dig a perk like that?

More pictures from another source.

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