American woman marries auto-rickshaw driver

November 8, 2009
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An old but extremely fascinating look at a love-at-first sight marriage in Jaipur. Thanks Suzanne!

It was just another hot day in Jaipur when Harish, an autorickshaw driver, sees Whitney, a University of Chicago student, in the distance and was awestruck. He asks her out for a cup of tea and she says no. He asks again, and she says no again. But Harish’s persistence pays off, by the fourth time she comes around and they both grab a cup of tea. He shows her around Jaipur and, at the end of the day, he proposes to her. She accepts.

It’s interesting to see the commentators on the article, particularly now that a month has passed. Some are claiming this to be a stupid promotional stunt for something, but that seems unlikely at this point. Then there’s a lot of armchair marriage counseling, as though anyone in this world understood what made marriages work.

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