a few words about a live clip featuring the beets

February 25, 2010
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Maybe this is stupid, but I live for moments like these (seen via Sumana).

Well, I stumbled across it somehow, I’m not sure how, and I watched it, and I had one of those experiences you have sometimes with a band you’ve never heard playing a song you don’t know. One of those transformative reaffirming experiences, which you then get religious about, even if religious isn’t exactly the word you’d use but trust me it’s the word you actually mean: you start thinking, everything should be like this all the time, anything that’s not like this is a ridiculous waste of time, I want peak experiences and only peak experiences because life is all about peak experiences and people who consent to have less than constant peaking epiphanies all the time are missing out, etc., etc., all infantile nonsense of course but as feelings go a bracing & pleasant one. The permanent reoccurring 19th summer is a nonstarter as a governing aesthetic stance, but as a tool in the kit it’s not without some merits. I have a lot to say about this, actually, but it’s complicated, and hurtful to people whose 19th summer left such a profound impression on them that they think it’s the meaning of life or something, so, you know, whatever. It doesn’t matter much except when it does….

Did this clip have a press blast sent out twice a day via email to everybody? Maybe, probably, I don’t know, but by the time I saw it, it was just something hanging around, ready to be ignored, preemptively ready to be ignored, even. It’s like a good plumber: you didn’t catch his last name and you’ll forget he was even at your house by this time tomorrow, but if he hadn’t been there, you’d be up to your neck in your own shit, which is, I think, what I am trying to say. That without this clip of the Beets in your life, you are drowning, drowning forever in a river of your own excrement. Not in any way that might seem heroic or tuff or remarkable. Just unpleasantly.

I guess in a sense this was my PyCon experience. Expect to see a bunch of posts in the near future regarding the neat stuff I saw there.

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