Bloggers now eligible for press passes in NYC

March 19, 2013

I made a note to myself to write about this article on Slashdot about bloggers being given press passes, an interesting note in the story of the evolution of journalism. Of course, now it’s three years later. I’m not even sure I’ve ever heard of anyone getting one of these passes, but then, I don’t hang out in bloggers’ circles.

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India’s Zero Rupee Note

March 19, 2013

I don’t remember exactly where I first heard about this, but it came up from a number of different sources, which was itself interesting. India ‘issues’ zero rupee banknotes. Wikipedia’s article. Another article.

He gave one example where a tax official refused to process documents unless he paid her 500 rupees.

"I handed over the zero-rupee note which I always keep in my pocket," said Sundar.

"She was afraid and didn’t want to take it. She completed the job immediately and said she was sorry and asked me not to take it forward."

We sure could have used something like this in Cameroon..

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January 27, 2013

To be completely honest, I’m a little disappointed with ZaReason‘s tablet offering, the ZaTab (N.B. currently sold out while they develop the successor). And I feel guilty about saying so, because I love ZaReason and I want them to succeed.

Here’s the basic problems I’ve been having with my device.

  • Device doesn’t charge. This is kind of a big problem for a device to have. It’s kind of a qualified "doesn’t charge", though, because if you plug the USB cable in just the right position, it will charge, but slowly (36 hours for a charge?). It seems like the connectors aren’t well-seated or maybe the case is coming loose, or maybe the connectors are breaking off the motherboard. Who knows? I wrote support an email on the 14th of December. I thought I’d cut them some slack for the holidays, but it’s been almost three weeks without any response — even so much as a "sorry, we can’t help you, it’s almost certainly completely fucked and it’s out of warranty". (I pinged them on Twitter too; nothing.)
  • When a MicroSD card is inserted, the device becomes much more sluggish and seems to run out of charge a lot faster. Maybe this is related to the above, maybe not. This was with a 32GB card; I haven’t tried anything else since them.
  • No clear way to update device. Maybe this is my fault for factory-resetting the device, but it’s running CyanogenMod 9, right? So why can’t I just easily install Cyanogen 10 to see if the above problem goes away? I don’t want to dick with flashing ROMs and installing the Android SDK. That’s the whole reason I bought a free device!
  • Oh, a standard micro-HDMI connector doesn’t quite fit into the port. You can order a cable with the tablet that has a micro-HDMI connector that’s an itsy bitsy bit longer than standard, which works. Yuck.

I don’t want to jump to any conclusions as far as what this means about ZaReason’s technical chops or their business practices or whatever. Maybe I just got a bad one, or I was too rough on it, or it got banged up in shipping and it’s no one’s fault. But when I buy devices, I want them to just make my life unilaterally and unequivocally better. Instead it seems like nobody ever sells exactly the product I really want, and ZaReason just manages to come a little closer than everyone else.

I guess the good news is that in the last few years, open hardware has suddenly gotten a lot more plausible. Please be aware of PengPod and Jolla. It’s a brave new world..

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Dr Nic’s 8 steps for fixing other people’s code

January 27, 2013

A clearly-articulated if somewhat Ruby-centric and dated ("now do svn diff") explanation of how to contribute a patch to an open source project.

  1. Snoop around

Load up the project into your editor and poke around.

If it has test cases (!) try running them. You may need to create some databases and/or modify the Rakefile/connection details to work with your database. Hopefully the project comes with rake tasks to create/drop the databases. rake -T should find them.

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Insane Clown News Network

January 27, 2013

This was hilarious three years ago. Juggalo News discusses Obama’s healthcare reform, circa 2010.

Seen via JWZ.

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Regarding Foursquare and Please Rob Me

January 27, 2013

Haven’t posted in a while. I decided I’d catch up a little bit on my backlog. Here’s a post about society’s fears that thieves will use publicly-available information to rob us.

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Upgrading an uncooperative ReadyNAS

August 31, 2012

My ReadyNAS was refusing to be upgraded from version 4.1.6. Every time I tried to induce it to get a new upgrade, it complained that the checksum had failed. I eventually got it to upgrade by following the instructions on this page, which seems to avoid doing a checksum. I’m not sure if it will be necessary to repeat the process for every new release..

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Sonnet: Against Entropy

August 30, 2012

Seen on during Poetry Month: Sonnet: Against Entropy, by John Ford.

Electrons find their paths in subtle ways,
A massless eddy in a trail of smoke;
The names of lovers, light of other days
Perhaps you will not miss them. That’s the joke.

Be sure to read the comments on the post too — the origin of the sonnet is pretty cool all by itself.

This is my favorite of the poems posted during Poetry Month, but there are a few other good ones too:

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Jo Walton on Science Fiction Without The Future

September 5, 2011

On Jo Walton writes Where are all the positive futures?

When I was writing about The Door Into Summer, I kept finding myself thinking what a cheerful positive future it’s set in. I especially noticed because the future is 1970 and 2000. I also noticed because it isn’t a cliche SF future—no flying cars, no space colonies, no aliens, just people on Earth and progress progressing. Why is nobody writing books like this now?

This is such an interesting debate. Among other interesting things, the comments on the post mention a bunch of works I’ve never heard of, and some that I have and seem like scraping the bottle of the barrel. I wish there were more like this..

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About dating

September 5, 2011
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I don’t know where I found this. Maybe Evi.

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