A Mathematician’s Lament –an Indictment of US Math Education

June 19, 2009

File under: the education system sucks, math is cool, being a nerd is awesome. The PDF is 25 pages, read at least the first four. The story on Slashdot:

Scott Aaronson recently had “A Mathematician’s Lament” [PDF], Paul Lockhardt’s indictment of K-12 math education in the US, pointed out to him and takes some time to examine the finer points. “Lockhardt says pretty much everything I’ve wanted to say about this subject since the age of twelve, and does so with the thunderous rage of an Old Testament prophet. If you like math, and more so if you think you don’t like math, I implore you to read his essay with every atom of my being. Which is not to say I don’t have a few quibbles […] In the end, Lockhardt’s lament is subversive, angry, and radical … but if you know anything about math and anything about K-12 ‘education’ (at least in the United States), I defy you to read and find a single sentence that isn’t permeated, suffused, soaked, and encrusted with truth.”

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