Lactation Assault

March 19, 2013

Lord, I read weird sites. This one is from JWZ: Lactation Assault.

After Toni Tramel, 31, was arrested last Thursday for public intoxication, […] Tramel "took off her bra, grabbed her breast and squirted breast milk, hitting me in the face and neck region," reported Brown. Tramel attempted a second lactation assault, "but was unsuccessful," added Brown. […] As for Brown, a jail press release noted that the officer was successfully able to "clean the bio-hazard off her."

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Novell Ponders Open-Source Apps Store

June 9, 2009

Uh.. WTF? The story from Slashdot:

Barence writes “Novell plans to bring the wealth of open-source software to everyday users through an ‘open-source apps store.’ ‘I would compare what’s happening on netbooks with what’s happening to the smartphone,’ Holger Dyroff, vice president of business development at Novell told PC Pro. ‘There’s a core experience, but then the ability to customise that experience. On the user end, all they’ll see is an open-source applications store with one-click downloads of new software. Unlike the other stores though, they won’t have to pay for any of those applications, which will be very attractive.'”

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Archaelogical Terminology

February 8, 2009

…the difficulty is multiplied many fold by the evolved disciplinary nomenclature, which is sometimes so baroque as to defy parody.” (From Language Log.)

Cucuteni-Tripolye is named after two archaeological sites: Cucuteni, discovered in eastern Romania in 1909, and Tripolye, discovered in central Ukraine in 1899. Romanian archaeologists use the name Cucuteni and Ukrainians use Tripolye, each with its own system of internal chronological divisions, so we must use cumbersome labels like Pre-Cucuteni III/Tripolye A to refer to a single prehistoric culture.

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