Software as an abstract gamespace that is not about software

June 23, 2009

The story from LWN:

Michael Dehaan muses about the future of open source software. “In the future 1000 years from now, was it more important to have worked on Web App X or Database Engine Y? Neither. Because that can’t be what matters. Theory: The power of OSS tech is not in technology, it is that it crosses boundaries. It is a system, an ideal. The tech does not matter. OSS is not about software. Software is an abstract playing field in which we teach ourselves how to collaborate. One of many such fields. Maybe not even the most efficient. Computer Science is just about logic anyway. It was never about computers.” (Thanks to Paul Wise)

Money quote: “There is still the question though, how do I choose what feature to work on tomorrow that improves the world the most?

Is the answer that it is not a feature, but instead, the question, how best can I help other people to help other people to help other people?”

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