Wintour Guide

October 20, 2009

From Sumana, an article about The September Issue.

Coddington calls herself a romantic. She loves old gardens and 1920s styles. And she remembers what got shot for a previous issue but didn’t run, and notices when Wintour cuts a few spreads from the coming issue that represent USD$50,000 worth of work. She must know that she works for an enormous, ridiculous edifice. She must know that it’s unsustainable, that her art form requires resources that only monarchies and this historically anomalous corporate media system can bring to bear. Anna and Coddington and Condé Nast are in a symbiosis to perpetuate a grand, dying art.

"High fashion" is a niche, like opera, regimented gardens, country dancing, &c., and getting niche-ier. Wintour says fashion is about what’s next; does she know? The September Issue doesn’t say.

It’s been said that fashion is about the future of what people are going to wear, even if it’s only ideas that get taken up into the mainstream; is that so? It sure does seem like a strange place to hang out if you can tell what’s next.

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