Build an Automatic Tagger in 200 lines with BOSS

November 24, 2009

No idea where I came across this, but it’s an interesting read: building an automatic tagger in 200 lines with BOSS.

Here’s another way to use it:

tagger viksi$ python apple microsoft bill gates steve ballmer windows vista xp


tagger viksi$ python apple microsoft steve jobs ipod iphone macbook


classify combines the above steps into an application that, given two tags and some text, will return which tag more likely describes the text. Or, in command line form, ‘python [tag1] [tag2] [some free text]’ => ‘tag1’ or ‘tag2’

Machine learning has only caught on a little bit in the personal computing space, and only in web-based services like Google Search and Amazon/Netflix-style "you might also like" features. Is that about to change? I’m skeptical..

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