September 4, 2011

Since I have a tag dedicated to version control, I thought to use it to link to iolaus, a git porcelain that emulates darcs. It’s written by the same guy who wrote darcs, possibly as a one-off project. Perhaps it was meant to solve the darcs "exponential merge time" problem. The same problem has been drastically improved in Darcs 2, and iolaus hasn’t been updated since March 2010, so it probably isn’t worth worrying a lot about.

I realized that the semantics of git are actually not nearly so far from those of darcs as I had previously thought. In particular, if we view each commit as describing a patch in its "primitive context" (to use darcs-speak), then there is basically a one-to-one mapping from darcs’ semantics to a git repository. The catch is that it must be a git repository with multiple heads!

Fortunately, this is not such a foreign concept to git. In fact, git has a whole framework to help users manage repositories with multiple heads (see, e.g. checkout and branch). So it’s not so very foreign at all. There are just a couple of major differences how git works. First, in git your working directory will only reflect one of the heads, while in darcs (or iolaus) the working directory reflects the union of all changes in the repository.

Just to make things even more interesting, it’s written in Go.

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