USGS Earthquake Facts and Statistics

February 7, 2010
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Gus mentioned to me that the USGS collects earthquake data. Among other things, they will tell you the last earthquake in New York (or any other state) and show you a seismic hazard map of New York (or any other state if you follow the link from their by-state index). However, in trying to find a "last five or ten earthquakes in New York" feed, I stumbled on the Earthquake Facts and Statistics page, which contains this gem:

We detect, but generally do not locate, about 50 mine blasts (explosions) throughout the United States on any given business day. These blasts typically occur between noon and 6 PM local time Monday through Saturday. Of these, about one event every two days is large enough that we compute a location for the blast and post it to a separate explosions listing.

(See a map here.)

You guys! You bunch of crazy scientists.

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