All the disabled commands in Emacs

March 13, 2016

I’m still cleaning up my emacs configuration. I stumbled across the configuration I did to enable the narrow-to-region command, and figuring that the "disabled" commands are likely to be pretty interesting, wondered "What other commands are ‘disabled’?" There’s no list that I could find online, but you can find out for yourself with a little lisp:

  (lambda (x)
    (when (get x 'disabled)
      (message "disabled: %s" x))))

On my machine, this produces the list:

disabled: erase-buffer
disabled: set-goal-column
disabled: narrow-to-page
disabled: upcase-region
disabled: narrow-to-defun
disabled: scroll-left
disabled: Info-edit
disabled: dired-find-alternate-file
disabled: downcase-region

… as well as, of course, narrow-to-region, which I de-disabled myself.

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