The littlest YouTube Sensation –

January 7, 2010

Via Suzanne, an article about Lukeywes1234, a meme that had completely passed me by. Some of these videos are quite fabulous.

People were posting mashups of his videos and tributes to the kid. It was all classic, random YouTube idiocy. And then YouTube did something inexplicable: They yanked down Lukeywes1234’s channel.

Now if there’s one thing you should know about nerds, it’s that they don’t take too kindly to anyone smothering their self-expression. Lukeywes instantly passed from mere blip of the week into Internet legend. The tributes became more hyperbolic and Wagnerian.

Each meme illuminates something about 4chan. This one, like the crusade against the Church of Scientology, seems more and more like revenge memeing.

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Fanboy Supercuts, Obsessive Video Montages

January 7, 2010

Seen via JWZ, this list of supercuts.

My favorites are the Red Dwarf, every "smeg" reference and Every Famicon (NES) Game Title Screen. It’s completely fascinating how much you can glean from just this kind of cross-section: for example, Lister says "smeg" more than any other character; Holly says it only once, and Cat only a few times; the most common "smeg-" compounds are "smeg-head" and "smeg-for-brains"; "smeg" is said in despair/panic as well as ecstatic joy ("fan-smegging-tastic!").

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Mermaid by Joe, C64 – 1993

January 7, 2010

Seen on pixelstyle:

The dorsal fin in particular is really amazing, very evocative of a Dimetrodon. Also, tits.

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