Blippy tells the world what you buy

January 22, 2010
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On CNN, there’s an interview with the creator of a project called Blippy. The purpose of the project is to post credit card transactions onto a Twitter feed. You associate a card with your Blippy account, and then every transaction becomes public.

Some highlights:

CNN: Maybe we should just start with a question from one of our Twitter followers: What’s the point of Blippy?

Kaplan: Without getting too philosophical, I’ll just start at the beginning. The big answer is: We don’t know, which I think is funny but is also indicative of what we’re trying to do.

But I’m pretty far out there. People were saying well, "What if I bought a dildo or something and it showed up?" So I actually went to a store called "Does Your Mother Know." I said first of all, the store has to have a name like that so everybody knows what it is. So I found a store with a name like that in the Castro section of San Francisco.

So I went to that store and I bought a sexy gift for my wife, and of course it showed up on the site. And it was funny! I didn’t really care.

Fascinating volley in the exchange of what privacy means in the digital age..

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Hottest Heads of State

January 22, 2010

Thanks Mike for bringing this to my attention: Hottest Heads of State list. Top of the list?

Yulia Tymoshenko Prime Minister of Ukraine

Obama is #15. Putin in a wifebeater is #24. There are 217 heads of state listed.

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Gun Nac, NES – 1991 (via maxcapacity)

January 22, 2010
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Seen via pixelstyle:

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Misa Digital Guitar makes your Rock Band Peripherals feel inadequate

January 22, 2010

Seen on LWN: a look at a Linux-based guitar.

OK, so not only am I suffering from a terrible case of gadget lust, but I find fascinating some of the comments like this one:

actually all it does is make it easier for talentless people to claim how good they are at playing guitar, when they aren’t playing at all. get a real guitar if you’re serious or go back to the guitar hero b/s.

I think it’s an interesting idea that because an instrument isn’t "real" guitar, then it doesn’t count. Clearly a game like Guitar Hero is different from a real guitar — the Rock Band instruments are all simplified versions of the real thing. But the idea that you don’t have any skill as a musician because your instrument is in a nontraditional form seems a little untenable..

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